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My name is Alex and I was diagnosed with autism when I was 2 ½ years old. I have been very lucky the past 21 years that my parents live in a community that has provided me with good schools, therapy services and respite care. As my parents began researching adult services for me in 2011, they were astonished by the lack and quality of services available once I turn 22. Since adult services are funded by each state, services continue to be reduced or eliminated and I would have nowhere to go if it weren’t for my mom. She and her best friend started Kando Bakery.

Kando Bakery is a “not just for profit” company whose mission is to provide a meaningful and sustainable work experience for young adults like me with autism and other developmental disabilities in a fun environment that celebrates our uniqueness.  At Kando Bakery, they strongly believe that parents and their adult disabled children deserve a place that they can feel good about, a place where they can be active participants in their community. They see “ability” in the word disability.

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Cookie Decadence + Granola Goodness =

Kando Bakery Bars

  • 11 grams of whole grains from oats, millet, brown rice and whole wheat
  • Heart healthy fats from nuts and seeds
  • Antioxidants from berries, cherries and honey
  • No chicory root fiber or extract which can cause “tummy troubles”
  • Low sodium
  • Handmade in small batches
  • All natural & gluten free options

Our products are made in a commercial kitchen that follows all Illinois Food Sanitation Codes. We are certified by the State of Illinois in Food Sanitation. Click here to see certificate.

Blueberry Pancake Gourmet Bakery Bar
Blueberry Pancake Gourmet Bakery Bar

Sweet blueberries and whole grains are combined with creamy natural almond butter to form this all natural, gluten free soft and chewy gourmet bakery bar.


Thanks for visiting. We hope that you enjoy your gourmet bakery bars as much as we enjoyed making them! If you totally love our gourmet bakery bars, kindly tell everyone you know. If you thought they were just okay, please have your taste buds examined by your physician.

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